Lost and Found!

…it was already Spring,
The frosty pelts had dwindled us,
I was lost in your spirit of upbringing,
as your presence was too sumptuous.

The arrogance of torture,
the chronicles of tiredness,
all allured to your departure,
with life in its very own clearness.

It is not I was abbe.
My heart pondered in vain.
Only to realize the journey was a lot paddy,
and to mitigate all the pain.

Well, I was plying in my dark hollowness,
where only I had the permission to visit.
My consecration to solemness,
That I had missed every minute.

Love and Madness!

There are predominantly three kinds of people in this world. First, the ones we love but don’t get any response. Second, the ones who loves us but we dont respond them. Third, the ones who loves us and we love them back.

The biggest problem in our society is that we think too much about the first kind, quite a bit about the second kind and completely forget the fact that the third kind of people do exist in our lives. Well, unsurprisingly they are the ones who loves us the most. So if we have had the prospect to measure love, we could have saved ourselves a hell lot of time thinking about the amount of yearning we composed. We could have then realized to value lesser known relations amongst friends and families a lot more. We could have valued the desirability of unconditional love. Love that’s wholehearted and unreserved.

We all reserve our exactness for the special ones these days, but deep inside we tend to pretermit the idea of cutting loose.

Love is not blind. It is statute and is all manipulated until it relents. Love is madness. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. But had it not been for those extreme convictions it could have been a different story all together.

Your life is just a presentation of your own belief that contradicts with most people on earth, yet there’s a reason behind that certitude. Life is beautiful. Amaze past it with ease.