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Life- A new beginning !!

In-spite of all pains, suffering and hardships we say life is the most precious gift of God so we live to the fullest… But have we ever pondered over it or retrospected why it is said so?

Its very simple.. Without experiencing sorrow you can never value happiness… Without failures you can never understand the joy of success!

Life is a rose with thorns… so whenever you get hurt don’t be sad… always remember happiness will be very soon knocking your doors, coz night shows the day…*always*..!

When you come across people whom you slowly start believing and start making them an inevitable part of your life then suddenly when they break your trust and you realize whatever perception or beliefs you had about them are so false then you break down completely and you loose trust or you fear to trust others also who maybe are quite trustworthy so its not your fault.. its those people who have forced you in a way to become so heartless that you are today!!


Life is fun but sometimes some incidents and people who come on your way force you to change your perception about life and you start feeling that maybe the statement about life that ‘Life is beautiful’ is just a statement to make…It actually has no meaning!! You start feeling that happy life can only be dreamt of.. cannot be lead in reality.. Happiness seems to be an illusion.. tragic memories prick you from within but slowly you realize life never stops.. We need to move on with positive vibes about life!!

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